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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hunting for the Perfect Tree...

Nothing like driving 2 hours to find some snow for the kids to play in! Not to mention, hunt for the perfect tree... the perfect kind that daddy has to drag a mile uphill back to the truck!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Calgon Moment Please...

Remember that term? Those commercials from the 80's with a lady lounging in a bubble bath soaking away the stresses of the day, well- I am in desperate need of a Calgon Moment. I have been wrapped up in our Church's Christmas production since Thanksgiving- a big thank you to my mom & sister for helping me in my absence! I now have about 4,000 emails to read- problems to solve - and fires to put out, so back to reality for me.

This year, we are putting on a Narnia production and I've had the pleasure of painting some of the props. As you walk into the foyer- the whole room has been re-set to look like a train station entrance and ticket counter. You then move through the different areas of the church that are all set as different scenes throughout the Narnia movie- the White Witches throne... the Lamp Post... the Wardrobe... and then the production commences in the gym with food & beverages. What a production - I think it will be a huge hit this week. We are completely sold out for the 3 day event!

I will post pictures on Wednesday when everything is set up- right now it's all in parts and pieces hidden from everyone not involved so it will be a HUGE surprise for the congregation and attendees. Anyway- I must go- I might be MIA for another week just trying to get through my email