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Friday, September 21, 2007


I remember one time in college - I asked my boyfriend's sister what TGIF meant. Boy did she ever look at me like I was the most stupid person on earth. I kinda FELT like the stupid-ist person on earth (I know that isn't a word). Looking back on my 33 years of existence, I have said some really ridiculous things, but don't mind sharing them because it is just WHO I am. My husband calls my wacky statements "Melississms". Here are a few:

"Look Dan there is an airhead flying over plane"

What does your boyfriend do for a job? "He pulls chainmail at the mill here in town."

"Oh he won't hurt you, he's all bark and no growl"

While on a girls shopping trip up north - Melissa asks her SIL "How far is it from Wodburn to Medford".... she answers about 4 hours... Melissa then asks her SIL "How far is it from Medford to Woodburn then?"

I could go on and on. I did graduate college with honors BTW - things just don't verbalize well with me sometimes!

While driving home from college with best friend- we pull into the gas station to fill up. I'm sitting in the passenger seat, and a huge Volkswagen pulls up facing us to get gas. The woman driving is wearing HUGE black sunglasses and there is a German Shepherd dog sitting in the passenger seat. I say to Tammy... "She must be blind..." YES. I said that! And you know what is worse... for a minute she agreed with me until we both realized what a STUPID statement that was!

Ohhhhh I could go on and on. But won't- because I've thoroughly embarrassed myself enough as it is. Good thing there are probably not a lot of people reading this blog :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Oh how I LIVE for Survivor :) I'm so crazy I can't help it. I'm a self proclaimed reality T.V. junkie. There. Now you have it - I've fessed up!

Here is my assessment of the Survivor Castaways:
Aaron the Surfer Dude... HUBBA HUBBA. He is totally my kinda guy- seems to be relatively intelligent, and a natural leader type guy with humility instead of bravado

Amanda - no real opinion yet... they haven't shown enough of her yet

Ashley the large breasted WWF gal - she definitely rubs me the wrong way. I understand she was sick but she should have went home.

Chicken - was completely right in stating that if the group didn't pull together to reach the common goal of building a shelter they'd be seeing Jeff frequently after loosing all the challenges. There is basically NO work ethic in that tribe at all.

Courtney- the gal from New York... she is the bad seed of the tribe. Nothing but negativity and intolerance for anyone that is different from her, complete LACK of respect for others

Dave the model/bartender dude - no real assessment yet, hasn't done much that they've shown

Denise the lunch lady- will be gone early due to her lack of athleticism. She will weigh them down and will be an easy first cast off from that tribe if they ever loose a challenge

Erik- I think is just lookin' out for the ladies at this point. No work ethic, trying to lay low and be rico suave.

Frosti- will be an asset due to his athleticism

Jaimie- doesn't have a bra so she's in big trouble GOOD GRIEF. Typical dumb blond. Don't get me wrong... I'm not dissin' blonds because I AM ONE - but she gives us a bad name.

James - AKA eye candy (gravedigger) I like him. He is strong, and humble, shows no outward bravado which I find quite endearing. He's my favorite so far.

Jean-Robert- is a flat out idiot. I don't care if he's a pro at anything, people are going to get really tired of him and his obvious attempts at trying to "read" people and strategize.

Leslie- she won brownie points in my book for standing up for her beliefs on national TV when she knows that 99% of the tribe would probably black mark her for it. She states she's a Christian, Christians do not bow down to idols or Buddha in this case- she had to stand for that or she'd be a hypocrite, so I have to commend her for that. As for game play- I think she was wise in befriending James but needs to not rub people the wrong way with her belief system. Actions speak louder than words in the realm of reality TV.

PG - needs to tone it down or she's going to be like that architect chick from last season and get the boot for being bossy. I DO understand her frustration because she's the only one beside Chicken who realized that they were going down in a big hurry.

Sherea - good grief. She's on Survivor - the "this is nasty, dirty" comment about her surrounding just BUGS me - what did she think it would be like? Red velvet carpet? Stu-Pid.

Todd- The Gay Mormon Flight Attendant. ("are you really a flight attendant") DUH. Crafty. Very crafty - if he plays his cards right and lays low he probably has a good chance because he's pretty likable but very perceptive too.

Well anyway - now that I've wasted 20 minutes typing this up, I'd better get back to work :) Night all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Proud Mama Pictures

Well... today was a rainy rainy day. Kasey had practice and one of the other players grandfather's was nice enough to give me a CD of the pictures he took of the last game :) He and my father hung out a bit at practices and the first few games while my parents were here for the summer, talking camera talk- and of course the joys of watching their grandson's kick butt on the football field. So, now each Wednesday after a game I'm presented with at least 200 pictures on CD of the previous game to send to my dad!

So far, our little Raider team is 4-0. If they continue to win they will get to play in the championship game at Autzen Stadium in October. I'm SO praying that this happens for my little man - his father played in a highschool championship game his Senior Year in highschool at Autzen and it was one of the best memories of his young life. Oh just think of the scrapbook pages I can create - with pictures of both my son and my husband (at a young age of course) a legacy kind of thing. I'm so very very excited!! Another added bonus, if they go to Autzen - my parents will be flying back to see him play. Kasey prays for this every night before bed (and so do I so he won't be disappointed).

Kasey is a defensive end. The team we played last Saturday lost 40-0, and their quarterback happened to be Kasey's closest school friend. Poor poor Eli!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My latest creation...

Ok, this is one of my more recent custom orders for a gal in Canada :) I also created a layout for her with a "Cowardly Lion" theme that I will post later. My camera batteries DIED - see... I need a new camera!! Off I go to drink more "Rock Star" and work work work. I might have to take a little break and watch BB8 to see which of the dastardly Dinato's win....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Another Manic Mon-Day Woah - Woah

You know the song by the Bangle's right? That was my attempt at singing to you all. Anyway- WOW what a weekend. My oldest son had a football game and managed to make 6 tackles (2 of which were sacs) Can you tell I'm proud? He's all of 60 lbs soaking wet - but man does he like to run people over! There is nothing better than watching your children's athletic endeavors - I am SO loud and obnoxious I totally embarrass my husband, but heck I spent 6 years of my life cheerleading my little heart out so it comes naturally. I do remind him that he should bring duct tape and a bungee cord if he decides he wants to set next to me!!!

The above picture is of course, my Kasey- number 24. Why is it that you snap the shot right before the big tackle? Oh how I would LOVE to wake up to a nice brand new Canon Rebel Digital Camera all wrapped up with a pretty bow on top... maybe for Christmas if I can figure out how to bribe my husband!

Well... I am off - SEACREST OUT - have to go work work work to get caught up on customs. I will post some pictures here later of my latest creations for my clients!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Sad Day in History...

My husband on duty :)

Well, it's September 11th once again. Happens every year doesn't it? I don't like this day. Do you remember what you were doing when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center? I remember... vividly. I just had surgery, my mother was here to help me take care of my boys. A gal I worked with called me and woke me up; I was scared because usually I don't get phone calls that early in the AM and my husband was on duty so I figured something was up. (He's a firefighter/engineer here in Medford) I was told to turn on Fox News NOW which I did, just in time to see the second plane hit the building. By then, my mom was up and walking into my bedroom. My husband called immediately after that and told me as well to turn on the TV. My mom and I sat on my bed watching the TV- we were scared, speechless, and very teary eyed.

My husband was off duty that morning at 8AM. He came home, and we watched the news as the buildings came crashing down, as the news broke about the Pentagon... as President Bush was notified in a classroom that war had been declared on a nation he had only just began to preside over. The look on his face is burned into my memory. The tearful speech he gave that evening, was hard to watch - he's supposed to be strong right?

My husband, a week prior to this event decided that he would apply for the Fire Department's HazMat team- thinking it would look good on his resume within the department for future promotions. The department at that time was only looking to fill one position and Dan knew the person who would likely get this position- it wasn't that big of a deal to him if he wasn't number one on the list. The day after 9/11 the department decided to take on 3 new HazMat Technicians, Dan was #2 on the list. Had 9/11 not happened he wouldn't be walking around in a moon suit every time there is white powder left somewhere. Anyway... we got the call the day after, all Emergency First Responders had to attend meetings - Departments everywhere were now realizing how badly they needed plans in place in case something like this were to happen again. New immunizations were next :) All sorts of scary things to prepare those who respond first to tragedy... this was such an awful time for me.

I think the worst part of 9/11 was my incessant need to have the NEWS on at all times. Like if something were to happen I'd see it there first and be ready for anything right! Well... I had a 1 year old and a 3 year old at the time. They were very used to seeing their daddy in his turn outs- and loved all things Firefighter related... after all their daddy was a hero in their eyes. So- while watching the news, seeing all the firefighters on TV- my oldest boy said to me "look mommy, daddy is on TV!" I raised my voice to him and startled him and myself - "that is NOT YOUR DADDY!" Then I realized that I was having some real issues with this whole thing. Never before had I been scared for my husband and his choice of profession - he could just as easily walk out the door one day and be hit by a bus right? Well... now I'm scared. 7 years later and I'm still scared.

If you want a good cry... check this out:

If you want to support a great cause, check out my charity auction on ebay with proceeds supporting the Courage & Valor Foundation for Fallen Firefighters of 9/11.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Now- WHAT is BTDL anyway?

BTDL is "Better Than Doing Laundry" Design Team on eBay.... yes, eBay, FeeBay - whatever you want to call it, selling my scrapbook creations online allows me the priviledge of staying home with my kids! BTDL is currently one of the most frequently searched Design Teams on eBay. The group consists of 14 women who have one thing in common - a love of creating unique works of "art" with paper, glue, scissors and some glitter here and there. (I tend to use more glitter than anything else!) Anyway... I digress. I am more than proud to call myself a member and to be in the company on a daily basis of such TALENTED women! I love these ladies, they are my true friends even though I've never actually met them face to face. If I have a weird issue going on at home, something up with one of my children, a wacky client that I need advice on how to handle, or if I want to vent about my husband... I know I can talk to any one of them and they will give me straight up honest answers and advice - morning, noon or night. And soe times the wee hours of the morning after I've had to much RockStar to drink!

If you are interested in checking out what this group has to offer by way of all things "scrapbooking" click here:

Sunday, September 9, 2007

So... how did I do with my LIST?


Clean boys rooms check
Sugar cookies check
Hand Pieced Characters check
Grocery Store check
Memory Game- I winged it. :)
Titles on custom album - NOPE.

What time did I go to bed last night? 2AM. Ugh. I'm pooped.

My son had his 2nd football game of the year. He just turned 9- this is his 2nd year and it is amazing how talented some of these little guys are! He weighs 60 lbs soaking wet and made 4 tackles today- I am SO STINKING PROUD OF HIM!!!

I did mention yesterday that I will clue you all in on BTDL - or "Better Than Doing Laundry" - I'm to tired today so I will have to keep you all in suspense and enlighten you tomorrow. I have a busy busy week ahead of me, have to get caught up on custom orders. I will post some of my completed works here in a few days just as soon as I figure out how to do this here. I know just enough about computers to be dangerous ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Happy Saturday to you all. I don't exactly know if I have any people actually reading my blog yet (Highly doubt it) but it sure is fun to just sit here and type out my thoughts :)

Do you ever have so much on your plate - that you just would rather go take a nap instead of getting your list of to-do's done? This is my to do list today:

1.) Clean both boys rooms - mom & dad just left after staying for the summer, have to get things back where they belong. CHECK MARK - done :) woo hoo.
2.) Make 40 sugar cookies in Creation themes to be painted by my quizzing class tomorrow at church. HALF DONE. Batter made (and taste tested a couple times :) and is now chilling in the fridge.
3.) Create 2 large pieced characters out of colored butcher paper to be hung on the wall tomorrow before class. This would be Dr. Digalot and his trusty camel named Canteen :) How I'm going to accomplish this is yet to be determined.
4.) Need to go to grocery store to buy MORE laundry soap... yes yes yes, there is many more things in life that are BETTER THAN DOING LAUNDRY. More on "BTDL" later... tee hee.
5.) Need to come up with a memory game for class tomorrow, so the kids can learn their first memory verse.
6.) Need to finish putting the titles on a 20 page album so I can photograph the pages and email a copy to my client for approval...
7.) Oh I forgot! At the store, need supplies for tomorrow for my own child who is finally old enough to come to my class tomorrow :) Gotta love those 3rd graders!

So- that's it. That is what I have to accomplish before bed tonight and it is now 5:15pm. Think I can do it? Tune in tomorrow and find out :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday morning blues...

Oh man, I stayed up WAY to late last night trying to figure out this "blogging" business. I'm going to try and create a location to view my latest creations so come back and check to see if I've accomplished my goal :) Wish me luck!

Welcome, and WOW - this is kinda fun!

Just what I need- a new internet thing to play with when I should be scrapping away now that the kids are finally in school! Welcome to my blog- I will be posting my latest creations here, some new techniques that I pick up, random thoughts on scrapbooking and products...