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Thursday, January 24, 2008

It goes by so quickly...

Have you ever noticed that life seems to pass by so quickly that you barely noticed the changing seasons... dates... events. It was just Christmas- and in the blink of an eye I'm signing my boys up for Spring Baseball, tryouts are in February- we just got done with Football! I was combing my 9 year olds' hair the other morning before school and realized that he is getting so tall I no longer am able to do this so easily with him staring me straight in the face almost!! I am not a tall person :) But still, when your 9 year old is almost staring you eye to eye- you have to ask yourself, where did the time go? Ok Ok Ok, I know why am I combing his hair? BECAUSE it is a pitiful long mess and I can't stand it when it looks as if he rolled out of bed to go to school with a rats nest on his noggin. It's like a flashback of Bad News Bears Hair. UGH.

I realized also while laying in bed the other night... sleep eluding me as usual... that in 3 short years, I will be attending my 20 year high school reunion. UGH. Then I realized, I'd better go on a diet now because it will take me that long to look decent before I head home for the big event.

I am so glad I scrapbook. I'm so glad that in my busy busy crazy frantic life - that I take the time to make sure my memories last, will I remember their first loose tooth? What about the big ole' space in their smile when they have NO front teeth at all. What about the first fish caught with no help from dad? Or the world's largest bull frog on the back porch that daddy was WAY to afraid to pick up? All of these events mean nothing if they aren't remembered - preserved, so that one day when I realize my boys are all grown up I will have proof of their innocence. Proof that life was once fun for them, easy, carefree- and mommy and daddy knew everything there is to know about everything in life. It all goes by so fast!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh the sadness......

I have an extreme case of cabin fever. My little one has been home ALL WEEK with the flu, and now Strep Throat. He will be missing his FIRST basketball game tomorrow and I've been experiencing the wrath of Brady ever since I broke the news to him. There has to be a special award given somewhere for moms of sick children... oh how I need a Calgon Moment!

Friday, January 11, 2008

What Ever Happened to Global Warming?

Well- it's nice tropical breezy weather here in Southern Oregon... NOT!! What a wet snowy mess we have had here on the West Coast! I love the holidays but not the weather that comes with it- they closed schools here with an inch of snow on the ground!

Living in the Rogue Valley is nice- unless you have to get in or out of the valley during the winter... after travel delays, rediculous weather and way to much snow, (and too many page views of "") I'm ready for SPRING! Anyway- after my LOOOOONG absence I'm ready to get going, creativity is finally flowing again!