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Friday, March 28, 2008

Back to the reality... of Snow for Spring Break

Well... we have been gone for a couple of weeks celebrating Spring Break with my family. We just got back to beautiful Southern Oregon thinking that finally we would have some nice weather... and low and behold it is snowing today. Once again, what ever happened to Global Warming because it sure hasn't affected my neck of the woods.

My next gazebo layout will be listed on Sunday - I tried to finish before I left however time just ran out on me. I even tried shipping a box containing the layout and other things to work on - I scheduled a pickup and waited and waited for it to deliver at my mom's house only to find out that it was still sitting on my front porch in the rain :) Evidently my postal carrier didn't want to make the trek up to my front doorstep to pick up my packages!

I am so ready for school to start again! With the bad weather the boys are stuck inside, running amok and causing chaos!

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