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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Introducing... BTDL's Masterpiece Monday!

The artists of BTDL (Better Than Doing Laundry) are constantly supporting and challenging each other to creating art that will be treasured and cherished for ages to come. While each and every piece we make is a work of "heart", we thought it would be fun to challenge each other to create a piece that pulls out all the stops! Goes beyond the distance, raises the bar so high a giant could limbo under it, detailed to the last drop-dead-gorgeous... and as a result, "Masterpiece Mondays" were born. This is the night where BTDL artists list a piece they have dreamed of for months,sweated over all week, and held nothing back in the attempt to knock you off your seat!
Here is my First Masterpiece for our Monday Promotions- 5th in my Gazebo Collection!

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