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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New! Tear Bears wearing pieced fabric clothing!

Well, after battling ribbon and paper scraps to dress the tear bears I make- I decided to try out real fabric. This took entirely WAY TO LONG to create, but I think now that I have the hang of working with tiny pieces of fabric- I should be able to create a variety of bears with dresses, shirts, jammies etc. out of fabric instead of paper. This bear measures roughly 4.5" tall, and is 3 dimensional! Currently listed on ebay!


Andrea said...

Very cute! ♥Andrea

scrappyjan said...

Mel....... You have done a great job with this!!! janny

Scrapishments said...

Hi Melissa,

Your bears are just adorable :) I love it when you see real fabric details on tear bears! I know it takes a little longer...ok...A LOT longer, lol!, but the end result is so worth it! She turned out just perfect :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, my name is Pam and I am a designer for Pixie Cottage stamps. I love your work and this is just adorable!