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Friday, January 11, 2008

What Ever Happened to Global Warming?

Well- it's nice tropical breezy weather here in Southern Oregon... NOT!! What a wet snowy mess we have had here on the West Coast! I love the holidays but not the weather that comes with it- they closed schools here with an inch of snow on the ground!

Living in the Rogue Valley is nice- unless you have to get in or out of the valley during the winter... after travel delays, rediculous weather and way to much snow, (and too many page views of "") I'm ready for SPRING! Anyway- after my LOOOOONG absence I'm ready to get going, creativity is finally flowing again!

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Anonymous said...

My opinion? It doesn't exist. LOL
It comes in cycles about ever 20 - 30 yrs. I remember a time when they were worried about another ice age. YIKES! There I go showing my age. Oh well...with age comes wisdom, right? (wink)
Susie a/k/a susieqscraps