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Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Monday - go AWAY Monday

What a tragic weekend... for all you DUCK Fans out there, what a pathetic game on Saturday!!! Talk about giving a win away! Bummer.
Of course... a much more important game went on this weekend too, our little Raiders team is now 5-0 and I continue to be a very proud mommy! I will only post one of my pictures this time, as I'm sure you are all getting tired of my non-stop bragging :) OK I lied, I posted 2!!!
I don't have too much to say today - I'm kind of in a bad mood, I seem to have nothing but problems with both UPS and USPS lately with packages going all over Timbuktu- or not arriving at all :( I was talking to one of my clients who works as a postal carrier about my shipping woes, and she said if I were to take a tour of some of the major USPS dispatch centers I would understand why packages sometimes go MIA. Anyway- I ended up having to refund a good customer today due to her package not showing up, and now I have to wrestle with USPS to file a claim, which is NEVER a quick and easy process- not to mention she won one of my most "difficult to make" layouts. Someone needs to come up with a fool proof postal system!!!
Anyway, here is to another night of new fall season programming :) That should cheer me up- Dancing with the Stars... Heroes... oh wait. There is baseball playoffs and football on tonight so what am getting my hopes up for? Thank the Lord for TiVo!

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