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Friday, September 21, 2007


I remember one time in college - I asked my boyfriend's sister what TGIF meant. Boy did she ever look at me like I was the most stupid person on earth. I kinda FELT like the stupid-ist person on earth (I know that isn't a word). Looking back on my 33 years of existence, I have said some really ridiculous things, but don't mind sharing them because it is just WHO I am. My husband calls my wacky statements "Melississms". Here are a few:

"Look Dan there is an airhead flying over plane"

What does your boyfriend do for a job? "He pulls chainmail at the mill here in town."

"Oh he won't hurt you, he's all bark and no growl"

While on a girls shopping trip up north - Melissa asks her SIL "How far is it from Wodburn to Medford".... she answers about 4 hours... Melissa then asks her SIL "How far is it from Medford to Woodburn then?"

I could go on and on. I did graduate college with honors BTW - things just don't verbalize well with me sometimes!

While driving home from college with best friend- we pull into the gas station to fill up. I'm sitting in the passenger seat, and a huge Volkswagen pulls up facing us to get gas. The woman driving is wearing HUGE black sunglasses and there is a German Shepherd dog sitting in the passenger seat. I say to Tammy... "She must be blind..." YES. I said that! And you know what is worse... for a minute she agreed with me until we both realized what a STUPID statement that was!

Ohhhhh I could go on and on. But won't- because I've thoroughly embarrassed myself enough as it is. Good thing there are probably not a lot of people reading this blog :)


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