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Friday, June 6, 2008

And the Votes are In............. :)

For my next gazebo series layout- it looks like "Concert in the Park" was the popular choice... and for my next Song Series layout for Masterpiece Monday "Grow Old Along with Me" won by a large margin. I have so many ideas in my little brain for this layout so I'm excited to move forward. I am not as enthused about a Concert in the Park theme because I'm not sure if I want to use many little bears enjoying the concert... or maybe instead of a huge bear audience, just a couple enjoying the concert on a blanket with a basket and a bucket with champagne or wine? Oh man... I gotta think about this one! Holy Crap what kind of instruments do I use? Would one bear playing a violin work :) Oh man you guys are really challenging me with this theme!! I won't sleep tonight now! Maybe I will do a trio of bears singing... like the 3 tenor bears. My brain already hurts.

1 comment:

Camille said...

Do a jimmie hendrix concert. hehe just kidding. I love the idea of just couple on a blanket. Can't wait to see it!