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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Toe Pain...

Yes. You read it correctly... toe pain. It is the worst pain on earth aside from labor. Ok wait, I cannot really say that truthfully because I delivered both of my boys by C-Section... so I'd have to say that toe pain is the worst pain on earth aside from.... cramps. :) But then again, that kind of pain went away when I had my hysterectomy - so now you can understand why toe pain is SO bad for me, I must have forgot what real pain feels like.

Anyway, I digress. I wore flip flops to Brady's baseball game tonight... which lead to my big toe's ultimate demise. My nephew, Matthew is 10 years old and weighs as much as I do (and also has FEET bigger than mine I might add), and has a problem with "personal space". He is the kind of kid that will sit down on the bleachers next to people he's never met, and sit as close as humanly possible to them. Practically on top of them. He is completely oblivious to a stranger's need for "personal space". Of course... I have taken care of this boy since he was 10 months old, so I love him as much as I love my own boys; he might as well be my very own son so he is quite comfortable with me and often does plop down right on top of my lap as he would his own mother. I digress-ed again, sorry - it's late and I'm in pain. As I was chatting with his mom, my sister-in-law, he waltzed right up to me to squeeze past us onto the bleachers so he could sit on my blanket. As he did this, his man size foot kicked my bare toe and broke the nail backward halfway down the nail bed. I felt like someone cut off my big toe. I looked down to see my nail broken, and blood starting to seep out of the top of the nail. Now I am definitely a squeamish person. I faint at the sight of my own blood. Poor Matthew looked horrified at the sight of my poor bloody toe - and ran off to get a band aid for me at the concession stand. Then... as always when I see blood- I start feeling light headed and queasy... and sit down on the bench. Thank Heaven there was a place for me to sit down or I would have passed out next to the dug out at my son's baseball game. How embarrassing would that be? Matthew soon returned with a bandaid and napkins feeling SO BAD I had to pretend that it didn't hurt at all, that I wasn't going to get sick all over the place and that it was no big deal that I would now have to miss my birthday present pedicure appointment that my best friend got me to use prior to our golf vacation. :) I wonder if there is a way to paint a band aid to look like a pretty pink toe nail?

So... I'm afraid to take off the band aid now to see the damage. It hurts and I know I cannot wear a shoe and it's amazing how many times you can stub your toe when it is already in horrible pain. I need a toe guard!

Oh and Matthew... if you read this, you know I love you :) xoxoxo auntie.


Jeune Girl Crafts said...

Melissa, I didn't realize your son's name is Brady... if I had a son that was going to be his name!!! I had a girl and named her Brynne which is the female form of the name Braeden. Maybe someday I'll get my Brady!

Sorry about your toe!

Camille said...

Ouch! It hurts just reading about it. :)