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Friday, November 23, 2007

Can you gain 10 pounds in a day?

Well... I think I might have. Yesterday was a whirl wind time of nothing but cooking and doing dishes. Get up- feed kids, clean up dishes. Make stuffing, prepare 25 lb bird for oven, and lunch time appetizers and finger foods to be ready by noon. Family arrives at noon- hungry. Bird goes in oven- and first grub session begins leaving trays of half eaten goodies and a mess of dishes. 1/2 hour is spent trying to cram all the left over goodies into an already stuffed refrigerator. Another round of dish cleaning begins and commences. Take time to eat a couple of the left over appetizers (all the ones that didn't find placement in the fridge) and read the paper to find out where all the sales are the next day that I won't be able to go to because husband has to work and this mom refuses to drag two little boys out in to a shopping frenzy. Can one shop the sales via phone? Doubt it- that is why I shop online. Anyway- brief break is over- back to the kitchen, honey is the coffee hot? No. Make more coffee - now it's on to all the sides that need to be prepared to go along with the turkey that is cooking too quickly. Hmmmm... Create another large disaster in the kitchen trying to get sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing and salad all done at the same time the turkey is supposed to come out of the oven. Does anyone ever really achieve this? Martha maybe? Anyway- bird comes out of the oven with the thermometer reading perfectly cooked. We begin carving - and realize that the under portion is a little too "pink" to be considered fully cooked. :( But the chicken bubbles (bubbles is what my 7 year old calls breasts) are fully cooked and beautiful so we hack into that and decide to put the rest of the bird back in the oven just to make sure no one dies of food poisoning. Grub session number two begins and ends in about 1/2 hour. Next round of cleaning begins and commences... with another 1/2 hour spent trying to re-arrange the refrigerator to accommodate mass amounts of left overs. In the time it takes to clean up- men sitting on couch have time to process everything they ate at dinner- and decide that as soon as mom sits down- they want dessert. So- back to the kitchen I go to set out a selection of pies, apple, pecan and pumpkin courtesy of mother-in- law. Dessert is served - or should I say grub session number three, another pot of coffee gone... and more dishes left for me to clean up. We decide to watch a movie, put the kids to bed- guests gone by midnight.

I'm going to go back now and lay on the couch :)

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