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Friday, November 16, 2007

Tis' the Season...

Turkey Day is rapidly approaching. While channel surfing the other day- I landed on the Martha Stewart show- she was helping her guest get a turkey ready for roasting. Talk about WOW. She used so much butter- I almost had a heart attack from watching. My husband's mouth was hanging open and I think I saw him drool. He thinks that this year should try the MS version with 14 pounds of butter and cheese cloth. :) So, I will be spending some time online today researching the MS method, with butter, twine and cheese cloth and hope that somewhere on her website they the demonstration to tie up the bird like she did! This could be an event worthy for America's Funniest Home Videos!

Anywhoooo - my last weekend went GREAT. The Mitey Might Raiders made it to Autzen stadium, had dinner with the entire Pop Warner crew- had their pictures taken with Dennis Dixson and proceeded to CRUSH the Lions the next morning! It was AWESOME - they performed great as a team, were completing their passes, and scored a touch down on the very first play of the game. Kasey had a great game, with 6 tackles - which exceeded his personal goal for that game. Afterwards they all received little trophys :) Final Score = 30-12

Now... it's all over. I can't tell if I'm happy to be done with it- or bummed that all the excitement is done and over with. Next year, I will have two in football- and will have to figure out how to clone myself so I can have them at two different locations for practice at the same time! Starting Aug. 1st it will be 5 days a week, every evening until school starts. Lord help me, I'm going to need it!

Kasey, right before he tackled the QB :)

Little Man - big stadium

The 3 of us with our little champion.

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