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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Proud Mama Pictures

Well... today was a rainy rainy day. Kasey had practice and one of the other players grandfather's was nice enough to give me a CD of the pictures he took of the last game :) He and my father hung out a bit at practices and the first few games while my parents were here for the summer, talking camera talk- and of course the joys of watching their grandson's kick butt on the football field. So, now each Wednesday after a game I'm presented with at least 200 pictures on CD of the previous game to send to my dad!

So far, our little Raider team is 4-0. If they continue to win they will get to play in the championship game at Autzen Stadium in October. I'm SO praying that this happens for my little man - his father played in a highschool championship game his Senior Year in highschool at Autzen and it was one of the best memories of his young life. Oh just think of the scrapbook pages I can create - with pictures of both my son and my husband (at a young age of course) a legacy kind of thing. I'm so very very excited!! Another added bonus, if they go to Autzen - my parents will be flying back to see him play. Kasey prays for this every night before bed (and so do I so he won't be disappointed).

Kasey is a defensive end. The team we played last Saturday lost 40-0, and their quarterback happened to be Kasey's closest school friend. Poor poor Eli!

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