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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Happy Saturday to you all. I don't exactly know if I have any people actually reading my blog yet (Highly doubt it) but it sure is fun to just sit here and type out my thoughts :)

Do you ever have so much on your plate - that you just would rather go take a nap instead of getting your list of to-do's done? This is my to do list today:

1.) Clean both boys rooms - mom & dad just left after staying for the summer, have to get things back where they belong. CHECK MARK - done :) woo hoo.
2.) Make 40 sugar cookies in Creation themes to be painted by my quizzing class tomorrow at church. HALF DONE. Batter made (and taste tested a couple times :) and is now chilling in the fridge.
3.) Create 2 large pieced characters out of colored butcher paper to be hung on the wall tomorrow before class. This would be Dr. Digalot and his trusty camel named Canteen :) How I'm going to accomplish this is yet to be determined.
4.) Need to go to grocery store to buy MORE laundry soap... yes yes yes, there is many more things in life that are BETTER THAN DOING LAUNDRY. More on "BTDL" later... tee hee.
5.) Need to come up with a memory game for class tomorrow, so the kids can learn their first memory verse.
6.) Need to finish putting the titles on a 20 page album so I can photograph the pages and email a copy to my client for approval...
7.) Oh I forgot! At the store, need supplies for tomorrow for my own child who is finally old enough to come to my class tomorrow :) Gotta love those 3rd graders!

So- that's it. That is what I have to accomplish before bed tonight and it is now 5:15pm. Think I can do it? Tune in tomorrow and find out :)

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