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Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Another Manic Mon-Day Woah - Woah

You know the song by the Bangle's right? That was my attempt at singing to you all. Anyway- WOW what a weekend. My oldest son had a football game and managed to make 6 tackles (2 of which were sacs) Can you tell I'm proud? He's all of 60 lbs soaking wet - but man does he like to run people over! There is nothing better than watching your children's athletic endeavors - I am SO loud and obnoxious I totally embarrass my husband, but heck I spent 6 years of my life cheerleading my little heart out so it comes naturally. I do remind him that he should bring duct tape and a bungee cord if he decides he wants to set next to me!!!

The above picture is of course, my Kasey- number 24. Why is it that you snap the shot right before the big tackle? Oh how I would LOVE to wake up to a nice brand new Canon Rebel Digital Camera all wrapped up with a pretty bow on top... maybe for Christmas if I can figure out how to bribe my husband!

Well... I am off - SEACREST OUT - have to go work work work to get caught up on customs. I will post some pictures here later of my latest creations for my clients!

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