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Monday, September 10, 2007

Now- WHAT is BTDL anyway?

BTDL is "Better Than Doing Laundry" Design Team on eBay.... yes, eBay, FeeBay - whatever you want to call it, selling my scrapbook creations online allows me the priviledge of staying home with my kids! BTDL is currently one of the most frequently searched Design Teams on eBay. The group consists of 14 women who have one thing in common - a love of creating unique works of "art" with paper, glue, scissors and some glitter here and there. (I tend to use more glitter than anything else!) Anyway... I digress. I am more than proud to call myself a member and to be in the company on a daily basis of such TALENTED women! I love these ladies, they are my true friends even though I've never actually met them face to face. If I have a weird issue going on at home, something up with one of my children, a wacky client that I need advice on how to handle, or if I want to vent about my husband... I know I can talk to any one of them and they will give me straight up honest answers and advice - morning, noon or night. And soe times the wee hours of the morning after I've had to much RockStar to drink!

If you are interested in checking out what this group has to offer by way of all things "scrapbooking" click here:

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