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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Oh how I LIVE for Survivor :) I'm so crazy I can't help it. I'm a self proclaimed reality T.V. junkie. There. Now you have it - I've fessed up!

Here is my assessment of the Survivor Castaways:
Aaron the Surfer Dude... HUBBA HUBBA. He is totally my kinda guy- seems to be relatively intelligent, and a natural leader type guy with humility instead of bravado

Amanda - no real opinion yet... they haven't shown enough of her yet

Ashley the large breasted WWF gal - she definitely rubs me the wrong way. I understand she was sick but she should have went home.

Chicken - was completely right in stating that if the group didn't pull together to reach the common goal of building a shelter they'd be seeing Jeff frequently after loosing all the challenges. There is basically NO work ethic in that tribe at all.

Courtney- the gal from New York... she is the bad seed of the tribe. Nothing but negativity and intolerance for anyone that is different from her, complete LACK of respect for others

Dave the model/bartender dude - no real assessment yet, hasn't done much that they've shown

Denise the lunch lady- will be gone early due to her lack of athleticism. She will weigh them down and will be an easy first cast off from that tribe if they ever loose a challenge

Erik- I think is just lookin' out for the ladies at this point. No work ethic, trying to lay low and be rico suave.

Frosti- will be an asset due to his athleticism

Jaimie- doesn't have a bra so she's in big trouble GOOD GRIEF. Typical dumb blond. Don't get me wrong... I'm not dissin' blonds because I AM ONE - but she gives us a bad name.

James - AKA eye candy (gravedigger) I like him. He is strong, and humble, shows no outward bravado which I find quite endearing. He's my favorite so far.

Jean-Robert- is a flat out idiot. I don't care if he's a pro at anything, people are going to get really tired of him and his obvious attempts at trying to "read" people and strategize.

Leslie- she won brownie points in my book for standing up for her beliefs on national TV when she knows that 99% of the tribe would probably black mark her for it. She states she's a Christian, Christians do not bow down to idols or Buddha in this case- she had to stand for that or she'd be a hypocrite, so I have to commend her for that. As for game play- I think she was wise in befriending James but needs to not rub people the wrong way with her belief system. Actions speak louder than words in the realm of reality TV.

PG - needs to tone it down or she's going to be like that architect chick from last season and get the boot for being bossy. I DO understand her frustration because she's the only one beside Chicken who realized that they were going down in a big hurry.

Sherea - good grief. She's on Survivor - the "this is nasty, dirty" comment about her surrounding just BUGS me - what did she think it would be like? Red velvet carpet? Stu-Pid.

Todd- The Gay Mormon Flight Attendant. ("are you really a flight attendant") DUH. Crafty. Very crafty - if he plays his cards right and lays low he probably has a good chance because he's pretty likable but very perceptive too.

Well anyway - now that I've wasted 20 minutes typing this up, I'd better get back to work :) Night all!

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